Monday, January 1, 2018

CAPITAL One of Detroit's Bests in 2017

The Detroit Free Press has named my play Capital one of the best 2017 moments in the city's arts and culture.

In a special section run on New Year's Eve, theatre critic John Monaghan recalled some magical moments on area stages, and singled out Capital for special praise. Here's what he wrote:

"Capital" (April, Detroit Repertory Theatre): This slapstick farce, in which Karl Marx tried to impart his socialist beliefs on a teenaged daughter, was the year’s biggest surprise. This appropriately economical production (Harry Wetzel both starred as the Father of Communism and designed the sets) highlighted an especially hit-and-miss year at the 61-year-old Detroit Rep.

Monaghan wrote a four-star review of Capital in April. Martin F. Kohn also gave the show a rave in Encore Michigan, and blogger Daniel Skora gave it a great write-up in It's All Theatre. Skora also named Detroit Rep's production of the play one of the best of the 2016-17 season.

Capital portrays Karl Marx, not when he was a famous philosopher, but when he was a lowly journalist in London, struggling to pay rent and constantly arguing with his teenage daughter. He mistakenly gets hold of a scandalous letter by the novelist Charles Dickens. And then all hell breaks loose....

If you're interested in the play, check out the website I set up for the piece, or feel free to contact me directly.