Audio and Video

See the links below to access audio and video clips from select plays:

Bones of the Sea

Elephant Room Productions recorded a reading of Bones of the Sea in 2018. You can hear an excerpt from the play (along with a lengthy interview of me) on ERP's podcast The Trumpet.

Dark Night of the Soul

Radio Theatre Project Live recorded Dark Night of the Soul as a radio drama that aired locally in Tampa in 2014. Click to hear Part One and Part Two.

Keep On Walkin'

The University of New Hampshire did a college production of this play for young audiences with music by Lavell Blackwell and lyrics by Joshua H. Cohen. Click here to watch the numbers Mind Your Own Business and It's Cold Out There.


Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater shot these lovely promotional videos for their production of my stage adaptation of Moby-Dick.  Watch the teaser and a brief commercial.

The cast of Moby-Dick at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater
Photo by Micheal and Suz Karchmer

Ordinary Island

This musical (formerly titled Maggie the Pirate) with songs by Joshua H. Cohen has a few cabaret performances of songs available on YouTube, including Maggie's SongTake It, and What Do You Make of That.

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