Sunday, April 7, 2024


I just saw Poor Mouth Theatre Company's Bumbled, a one-man play that is a part of the 1st Irish Festival organized in conjunction with the Origin Theatre Company.

Bumbled was written by Bernard McMullan and performed by Colin Hamell, who is artistic director of Tir Na Theatre in Boston. The play tells the story of an Irish drone bee, Pascal, who falls in love with a sexy French worker bee named Marion, even though his biological purpose is to have sex with the queen until his testicles fall off and he dies. Obviously, it's a comedy.

If you missed Bumbled, there are plenty more Irish plays to see this month as a part of the festival. Irish Rep is presenting Brian Friel's play Philadelphia, Here I Come! The Drilling Company is presenting a new play by Tim McGillicuddy called Herself.  Other plays in the festival include Marianne Driscoll's Last Call for Babe Reilly and Larry Kirwin's The Informer.

The 1st Irish Festival is happening all over the city, so there are plenty of places this month to see plays about Ireland.