Tuesday, March 14, 2023

Amphibian Finalist

My play Apprenticeship is a finalist for Amphibian Stage's SparkFest 2023. If the piece is accepted, it will receive a 20-hour developmental workshop and staged reading at Amphibian Stage in June.

Amphibian received 200 submissions and has now narrowed down its choices to 36 finalists.  Of those, three will receive staged readings in Fort Worth, Texas. In the past, Amphibian has developed plays by writers including Steven Dietz, Chris Cragen Day, and Charles Jackson, Jr.

Apprenticeship tells the story of a young man who lands his dream job working for a legend in the publishing industry. As he learns what it takes to succeed, however, he starts to question who his role models should really be. The piece had a reading last summer over Zoom, but has yet to be produced.

Interestingly enough, the talented actress Jessica Vera, who was in that Zoom reading, has worked with Amphibian a couple of times in the past, most recently starring in Egress by Melissa Crespo and Sarah Saltwick in 2021.

Amphibian will announce the three plays it plans to develop no later than April 5th. Hopefully, Apprenticeship will be one of them!