Monday, July 11, 2022

Secret One Acts Open This Week

This week the Secret Theatre in Queens is opening its festival of one-act plays, and you won't want to miss it!

The important thing is to get tickets to Program D, which includes my own play My Fellow Americans. It will premiere on Wednesday, July 13th, and will be repeated the following three Wednesdays, July 20th, July 27th, and August 3rd.

My Fellow Americans features Rebecca Ana Peña as President of the United States. The play is directed by Rachael Langton, who I got to know through her work with the Metropolitan Playhouse. Both have done an amazing job, and I'm eager for people to see the piece.

If you've never been to the new Secret Theatre since it re-opened in Woodside, it really is a delightful place. The theatre is more homey and less industrial-feeling than their old space in Long Island City, which previously hosted my play Burns Night during their 2019 one-act festival.

Curtain time is 7:30, and you can get your tickets here. Also being performed as a part of Program D are Love Locks Bridge by D Lee Miller, A Twilight of Joy by Paul K. Smith, Soar Spot by Allison Fradkin, Happier Days by Jennifer Ju, The Gatekeepers by Dan Perry, Envenomed by Lisa Siebert, and The Mitochondria by Ruth Zamoyta.

That last play is being directed by Kim T. Sharp, who always does good work, so I'm excited about the line-up we're going to have. See you at the theatre!