Saturday, November 17, 2018

When Your Mom Is a Sex Therapist

Last night, I saw Lola Maltz's show My Mom Is a Sex Therapist at The Duplex. I first saw the piece back in 2013 (also at The Duplex), but it has grown and deepened considerably since then.

Maltz (who previously went by Cara Maltz) tells about her life in story and song, accompanied by pianist Garrit Guadan, and in this version by two other instrumentalists as well, giving the musical a full band.

Calling it a one-woman show would be somewhat inaccurate, as Maltz and Guadan engage in plenty of scripted banter on stage, including in the song "He Likes Me." Maltz also gets the audience to join in during the chorus of the song "Love Yourself" which provides some hysterical double entendres.

Songwriter Joshua H. Cohen has added a few new numbers for the piece, and fortunately his music fits Maltz's voice perfectly. If you get a chance to see it in a future incarnation, don't miss out!