Saturday, April 18, 2015

Applause! Applause!

I just received in the mail two copies of Best Monologues from the Best American Short Plays, Volume Three. This book contains two monologues from my short play The Rainbow.

And I'm in good company. The book also has two monologues by John Guare (one from Five-Story Walkup and one from Seven Card Draw) and two by Shel Silverstein (The Trio and The Devil and Billy Markham), among many others.

Not only that, but this is the second time I've been included in such a collection. My short play with a long title The True Author of the Plays Formerly Attributed to Mister William Shakespeare Revealed to the World for the First Time by Miss Delia Bacon is included in Volume One of the series.

By the way, you can watch Alex Sunderhaus performing a shortened version of that monologue last year at the Nuyorican Poets Cafe here:

The True Author... Revealed

And you can buy the two monologue collections on Amazon here:

Volume One

Volume Three

And if you're interested in The Rainbow, the full play is published in The Best American Short Plays: 2012-2013, which is available here:

The Rainbow

Hope you enjoy them!