Thursday, November 16, 2023

Arms and the Man

I just got back from seeing Gingold Theatrical Group's magnificently fun production of Bernard Shaw's Arms and the Man on Theatre Row.

The set, splendidly designed by Lindsay G. Fuori, is meant to resemble a Victorian toy theatre, something I've written about on this blog in the past. When Shaw later wrote a screenplay based on his play, he imagined a filmed version that looked like it was taking place on a toy stage, and that is what you'll see in the present production.

Shanel Bailey, who was wonderful earlier this year in the revival of Lynn Nottage's Crumbs from the Table of Joy, plays Raina, the romantic young woman who hides a soldier in her bedroom in the aftermath of a battle. Keshav Moodliar plays the soldier, who drives much of the action of the play, and gains the affections of Raina in spite of her engagement to a dashing but dim Major Sergius Saranoff, played by Ben Davis.

Other strong performances are delivered by Delphi Borich, Thomas Jay Ryan, Evan Zes, and Karen Ziemba, the last of whom previously played the title role in GTG's Mrs. Warren's Profession in 2021. Director David Staller brings the whole thing together with style and grace.

The production closes on Saturday, so see it while you can!