Thursday, August 11, 2022

Secret Semi-finals

My play My Fellow Americans made it into the semi-finals of the Secret Theatre One Act Festival, which means you have another chance to see it this Saturday.

My Fellow Americans stars Rebecca Ana Peña as the President of the United States on the night of an important public address. After the speech, pressing issues intervene.

Rachael Langton directed the piece and did a wonderful job. Our show will be going up with the "Semi-finals A" program at 5:30pm on August 13th. (Yes, something on the eventbrite page says the performance doesn't start until later, but be warned that curtain is indeed at 5:30pm!)

In addition to my play, you'll also get to see Dan Perry's very funny play The Gatekeepers with Susan Jane McDonald and Julie Berndt. Other plays that made it to the semi-finals include The Madness of Memory by Vivian Lermond, Emeline Pettifogs by Ivan Faute, A Bell Tolls by Monte D. Monteleagre, My Piano Doesn't Like Me by Larry Rinkel, and Starry Starry Night by Brian Leahy Doyle.

I had a previous play, Burns Night, done at the Secret Theatre's festival in 2019 when they were based in Long Island City. The company is still in Queens, but it's now based in Woodside, where they have an amazing and cozy space with an eclectically decorated lobby. It is smaller, though, so get your tickets before they sell out!

If we advance to the finals, there will be one more performance on Sunday, August 14th. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!