Tuesday, March 15, 2022

Kew Gardens Streaming

My play Kew Gardens was supposed to have been performed at Actors' Theatre in Santa Cruz in January. Then, the omicron surge intervened.

Actors' Theatre decided to move its festival of short plays online. The plays were filmed and were supposed to be streamed in February, but the streaming was delayed as well. Fortunately, the shows are available now and can be viewed on TheaterMania's streaming service.

If you go to the Actors' Theatre website, you can purchase tickets to watch either night A or night B of the festival. Kew Gardens is a part of night A, along with Together at Last by Stella Pfefferkorn, Are You One of Those Robots? by Kathie Kratochvil, Me and Him by Michael John McGoldrick, Nobody's Hero by Charles Anderson, Free Hugs by L. H. Grant, Old Aquatics by Steven Kobar, and God on the Couch by Dan O’Day.

The plays range from dance and movement pieces (Together at Last), to dramatic monologues (Me and Him), to funny comic sketches (God on the Couch). My favorite, of course, is my own. Sienna Thorgusen did a great job playing Kitty (complete with Queens accent), and it was nice to finally see the play performed, even if just in a virtual format.

If you get a chance, I hope you'll watch Kew Gardens, and the other plays that are a part of the festival. You might run into a couple of technical glitches when you try to stream it (I did), but the performance is well worth watching.

Thanks to Bill Peters for directing the piece, and to Sienna for her magnificent performance!