Friday, April 9, 2021

Lanford Wilson Semifinalist

I just received word that my new play The Silver Tureen was a semifinalist for the Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival.

Unfortunately, the play was not chosen as one of the five official selections for the festival. Still, it's nice to be recognized, and I hope the piece will get picked up by another theatre in the future.

The Lanford Wilson New American Play Festival identifies and supports new plays that feature robust roles for college-aged actors, while also providing students at Southeast Missouri State University with the opportunity to work with living playwrights.

My play, The Silver Tureen, tells the story of five young women home from college who sneak into an attic and start to tell each other ghost stories. Joined by a mysterious young man they recently met, the friends each take turns at spinning tales as they attempt to come to terms with secrets from the past.

The piece wasn't written for the festival, but it certainly provides roles for the college-aged demographic. It also fits in with the legacy of Lanford Wilson, a dramatist who often created ensemble pieces, as was the case with his play The Mound Builders.