Saturday, June 1, 2013

Heute:Kohlhaas... heute!

I know there are people who read this blog in Germany. (At least that's what Google analytics tells me.) Well, if you are in Germany today and anywhere near Recklinghausen, run as fast as you can to see Heute: Kohlhaas for it's final performance as a part of the Ruhrfestspiele Fringe festival!

Five amazing actors perform this wonderful adaptation of Heinrich von Kleist's novella Michael Kohlhass using music, puppetry, clowning... even unicycle riding! The production, skillfully directed by Claus Overkamp, is endlessly inventive. The scene where Kohlhaas meets Martin Luther is worth the admission price all by itself.

Heute: Kohlhaas, a co-production of the AGORA Theater and Theater Marabu Bonn, is playing at 4:30 p.m. today, Sunday, June 2 in Fringezelt II. It's their final performance at the festival, so don't miss it!