Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Carol Photos

My adaptation of A Christmas Carol is now closed at Passage Theatre Company, but I was sent a number of production photos of the show. All photos are credited to Kara Jönsson.

Here's Richard Bradford as Charles Dickens. He began the show as the author reading to us from his book, and then transformed into a multitude of new characters through the use of theatrical magic.

Peter Bisgaier played Ebenezer Scrooge. Here he is acting opposite Richard, who has become the Ghost of Jacob Marley. The wonderful costumes were designed by Anna Sorrentino.

In my adaptation, the Ghost of Christmas Past is supposed to be a puppet operated by Dickens. Here you can see the ghost puppet. Greg Pernicone Jr. designed the props for this production.

This production also used projections and had some spooky lighting designed by Andrew Cowles. You can get a sense of the lighting in this photo of Scrooge about to meet the Ghost of Christmas Present.

I think my favorite character Richard played was the old woman who strips Scrooge's bedchamber of everything of value. Director Aaron Oster had the character walk down into the audience, which was quite effective.

If you couldn't make it out for the show, I hope you at least enjoy the pictures. Farewell for now!