Thursday, April 6, 2017

CAPITAL Begins Third Week

This is the third weekend that my play Capital has been running at Detroit Repertory Theatre. If you haven't seen it yet, you have until May 14th.

I was exceedingly pleased with the production, and I'm happy that a lot of people are coming out to see the show. Last Saturday night, 194 people packed the theatre. Audiences are relating to this story!

If you want to read about the play, the Detroit Metro Times recently ran a blurb about it. The production features Harry Wetzel, Lulu Dahl, Sara Catheryn Wolf, and Ben Will under the able direction of Leah Smith.

While Capital is running in Detroit, a much smaller production of my short play The Rainbow is in the works at Nature Coast Technical High School in Brooksville, Florida. I wish the students there the best of luck as they get ready to perform the play on May 13th.

The Rainbow has had a few productions already, including one last year outside in Philadelphia's Gorgas Park. Still, it's always great to have my plays performed.