Saturday, June 28, 2014

Last Chance to Hear Meucci's Message

My play Meucci's Message closes tomorrow, Sunday June 29th, at Casa Belvedere on Staten Island, so you have only one chance left to see this delightful production by Sundog Theatre.

The Staten Island Advance ran a review of the show, which you can read here:

Sundog makes good on sad story of Antonio Meucci

The reviewer has special praise for director Richard Grunn, and for Nate Ullrich, who provides live sound effects for the "radio drama" being performed as the framing device of the story. He also lauded the performances of Frank Nigro, who plays the Italian-American inventor Antonio Meucci, for Nikki Lauren, who plays his wife Esther, and for Ritty Mahoney, who plays a host of different characters including the Italian patriot Giuseppe Garibaldi.

The production is in the historic Casa Belvedere, an old mansion recently restored to be an Italian-American cultural center. It's a wonderful venue for a very fun show. For more information, check out Sundog's website here:

Sundog Theatre