Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Pegasus PlayLab Finalist

My play Apprenticeship has been chosen as a finalist for the Pegasus PlayLab program at the University of Central Florida.

UCF hosts the Pegasus PlayLab every summer, rehearsing new scripts for two weeks in collaboration with playwrights and subsequently presenting the work to the public.

Last year, the program offered three workshops and a full production in a blackbox theatre. Past playwrights have included Aniello Fontano, Skye Robinson Hillis, and Eliana Pipes.

Apprenticeship tells the story of Matt, who lands his dream job working for a man who is a legend in the publishing industry. As he learns what it takes to succeed, however, Matt starts to question who his role models should really be.

The play has had readings over Zoom, but has yet to be fully produced. Earlier this year, it was announced as a finalist for Amphibian Stage's SparkFest in Fort Worth, Texas.