Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Alpine Fellowship Finalist

Earlier this month, I announced that my play Apprenticeship was a finalist for Amphibian Stage's SparkFest 2023. Today, I'm pleased to say a proposed play of mine has been shortlisted for the Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize 2023.

This year, there were more than 220 entries, which the Alpine Fellowship has narrowed down to 20. Each entry consisted of a 500-word synopsis of a proposed play (to be no more than 45 minutes). Applicants also had to provide a 250-word summary of their previous theatre experience and a sample of previous work.

Jacob Burda and Alan Lawson founded the Alpine Fellowship ten years ago. Each year the organization holds a symposium bringing together artists, philosophers, writers and academics to share expertise and knowledge with people from a diverse array of normally disconnected fields and to support new talent in a variety of art forms.

The 2023 symposium will be held in Fjallnas, Sweden. The theme for this year's symposium is Flourishing. I proposed a short play called The Lear Girls Go Clubbing about three sisters named Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia as they get ready to go out to their favorite dance club in Londinium.

Readers of this blog will know I have an enduring interest in the play King Lear, so it would be great to travel to Fjallnas for a staged reading of the work, which is what the winning piece receives, along with a cash prize.

The other shortlisted writers are Jeanette Cronin, Fintan Dineen, Roxanna Francombe, Lee Lauren, Amy Lever, Kirsty McEachran, Irina Muneanu, Ben Peel, Georgina Periam, Flo Petrie, Erin Quinlan, Kate Roche, Thomas Ryalls, Eleanor Shaw, Hugo Timbrell, Rachel Tookey, Esohe Uwadiae, Isabella Waldron, and Guy Woods.