Sunday, December 12, 2021

Trenton Makes

There's a bridge across the Delaware River emblazoned with the words "TRENTON MAKES THE WORLD TAKES" touting the industrial power the city once had. What is made in Trenton today? Apparently, some great theatre!

Last night, I visited the Passage Theatre Company in Trenton for the first time (but hopefully not the last). They were performing my two-person adaptation of A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. C. Ryanne Domingues directed the production, which starred Peter Bisgaier as Scrooge and Francis Kelly as... everybody else!

Bisgaier, who is also co-artistic director of Pegasus Theatre Company, is well known in the greater Trenton-Philadelphia area, appearing on stage at the Arden, InterAct, and Act II Playhouse, among other companies. Kelly, it turns out, has done a lot of work at Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey, and we had fun talking about some mutual friends from there.

The production sold out, but was also available streaming, and I greatly appreciate the theatre's efforts to make the show as accessible as possible. Passage has been serving the Trenton community since 1985, and I hope they continue going strong!