Tuesday, April 30, 2019

California, Here I Come!

I previously blogged that May was looking up, and now I can officially announce that my play Bones of the Sea has been chosen as one of three winners of the Mach 33 Festival of science-driven plays to be presented as staged readings in Pasadena, California on May 9th-11th.

Bones of the Sea tells the true story of Mary Anning, a working-class woman in Dorset, England, who helped to revolutionize the field of paleontology in the 19th century. In flashbacks, the audience sees various scenes of the self-taught Anning and the wealthy scientist Henry De la Beche as the two forge an unlikely friendship that lasts through fame and glory, disappointment and heartbreak.

The play will have a staged reading on May 9th on the main stage of Pasadena Playhouse. Satya Bhabha is directing. The reading will feature Josette Eales as Anning and Richard Short as De la Beche. Todd Brun will be playing William Buckland and Georgia Dolenz the innkeeper Sally. Barbie Insua will be reading stage directions.

Dramaturg Kate Langsdorf has been providing support for the play, as have science advisers Alistair Hayden, a PhD student at Caltech in geology and planetary sciences, and Sara El Shafie, a doctoral candidate in integrative biology at the University of California, Berkeley.

Mach 33 is a joint project between Caltech and Pasadena Playhouse. The reading of Bones of the Sea will be at 7:00 pm at Pasadena Playhouse on May 9th. It will be followed by a reading of Susan Bernfield's Sizzle, Sizzle, Fly on May 10th and Kristin Idaszak's The Surest Poison on May 11th. You can get tickets here.

Hope you can come!