Saturday, December 15, 2018

Southern Indiana Review

I am pleased to announce that my short play The Sign in the Scarlet Prison has been published in the latest issue of Southern Indiana Review.

The Evansville-based literary magazine has long expressed a desire to publish drama, but prior to this issue published poetry, fiction, non-fiction, and art, but not plays.

All that changed with Volume 25, Number 2. SIR launched its foray into drama by publishing three new plays. In addition to The Sign in the Scarlet Prison, they also printed the text for Dave Harris's The Birth of Toby and Wynne Hungerford's Parasailing.

The Sign in the Scarlet Prison was originally performed at the Lady Cavaliers’ Women-at-Arms Festival way back in 2002. Ten years later, Mortal Folly Theatre produced the play as a part of their Broadside! event, along with my other plays The True Author... Revealed, When Ladies Go A-Thieving, and First to Draw Blood.

I hope that publication in SIR will bring the play to a wider audience. If you by chance would like to produce the work, please contact me.