Thursday, May 25, 2017

JC Review TK

So apparently I jumped the gun (dagger?) in posting about The Public Theater's production of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar in Central Park before the show had its official opening.

I camped out early in the morning the first day of previews so I could get an early look at the show. However, after I revealed some of the more exciting elements of the production, the show's producers kindly asked that I take the post down.

The show is still being tweaked, and the artists understandably didn't want certain things made public when those elements might change later on in the run. I hope no one at the Public will consider it too much of a spoiler, however, if I tell you that the show is quite good, and you should plan on seeing it!

While my previous post was not meant to be a review per se, the nice folks at the Public offered me tickets to see the show on a press night so I can let my blog readers know about the finished product. There is a press embargo until 10 pm on Monday, June 12th. Watch this space for a full review of Julius Caesar then!