Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Moby-Dick, Day One

Today was our first rehearsal of Moby-Dick at Wellfleet Harbor Actors Theater. I finally got to meet the director, Christopher Ostrom, in person, and to see his magnificent set design. Audiences are in for a treat!

We had our first read-through of the script, which has had a few changes since the last staged reading at the Abingdon Theatre Company. Fortunately, Gordon Stanley, who played Ahab in that reading, is back to play that role again.

The rest of the cast includes Lee Seymour as Ishmael, Freddy Biddle as Starbuck, Joseph Pietropaolo as Stubbs, Wesley Volcy at Queequeg, and James Marin as Gabriel. Of course, other than Lee, everyone is playing multiple roles, so it's great we have such a versatile cast.

Tickets are on sale now at W.H.A.T., so get them soon! The show runs from June 18th through July 18th.