Tuesday, September 9, 2014

The Kids Menu

How do you spread the word about healthy eating habits for kids? Make a movie out of it!

But wait, won't that be preachy and boring? Yeah. So how do you really spread the word about healthy eating habits for kids?

Make a funny movie out of it.

Well, healthy kids might not be the only goal of the producers behind The Kids Menu, a new independent film they're describing as Do the Right Thing meets Baby Mama. But the short film could shine a light on America's childhood obesity epidemic.

The movie tells the story of an old-school Brooklyn pizzeria owner who might have met his match in a new-school Brooklyn mom who is trying to keep her son from gaining weight because he's eating adult-sized portions.

The movie stars Vincent Pastore of The Sopranos and Nyle Lynn of Comedy Central. Only it isn't shot yet. They still need money.

Here enter: IndieGogo!

If you can afford to give them money, please do. Maayan Schneider, world-famous for her role as The White Rabbit in my adaptation of Alice in Wonderland at the Abingdon Theatre Company, is associate producer. (Because, come on, somebody has to associate with the producer....)

All kidding aside, it's a worthy cause, so check out their fundraising campaign here:

The Kids Menu


And will the film really teach kids healthy eating habits? Maybe not. But once the team reaches their fundraising target, all the money over that goal will go to The Children's Aid Society to help support their healthy food program and other services for kids. What more could you want than that?