Thursday, September 25, 2014

Coming Next Month...

I am pleased to announce that next month the Treehouse Theater will host the premiere of my short play The State of Colorado v. Tennessee Williams. The play will be performed as a part of the 3rd annual "Bad Theater Fest."

Did you know that the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act bans all smoking--not just real smoking, but also the smoking of fake, non-addictive cigarettes--from ALL public places, including stages? Since the ban took effect in 2006, the de facto consequence has been the banning of any and all classic plays that require onstage smoking. Which includes pretty much the entire canon of Tennessee Williams.

But since January 1st of this year, Colorado has been known for another smoking law... the one that makes it legal to smoke all the marijuana you want (provided you're not onstage, of course.)

The State of Colorado v. Tennessee Williams puts these two real-life facts together and portrays a fictional theater company that decides to put on The Glass Menagerie without the smoking... but only after getting stoned out of their minds backstage first. Needless to say, the results make this play immensely qualified for the "Bad Theater Fest."

Ken Kaissar is directing the production, which will be performed at 5:00 on Saturday, October 25th, and then again at 5:00 on Saturday, November 1st. We hope to announce the cast shortly.

For more information, visit the Bad Theater Fest here: