Monday, September 29, 2014

A Brief Return for Antonio Meucci

On October 11th, Sundog Theatre Company will be performing excerpts from my play Meucci's Message at Historic Richmond Town on Staten Island.

If you've never been to Historic Richmond Town, it's a wonderful place to visit. It is a living museum that consists of some of the most historic buildings in New York City, most of which have been moved to the site to preserve them.

Much like Greenfield Village in Michigan and Skansen in Sweden, Historic Richmond Town combines a whole village of historic buildings with costumed interpreters who help bring the sprawling complex alive for visitors.

Saturday, October 11th, this living museum will host a celebration of Italian culture called "Rome Through Richmond Town." Admission is free, and in addition to scenes from Meucci's Message, there will be music, food, and various demonstrations and exhibits.

For more information, go here:

Historic Richmond Town

Sundog Theatre Company, which produced Meucci's Message this summer at Casa Belvedere, will be bringing the cast back for this very special presentation, which will honor Antonio Meucci, one of the most remarkable Italian Americans to have ever lived on Staten Island. If you missed the show, here's your chance to see at least some of it.

Hope to see you on the Island!